Thursday, January 7, 2010

What's With The "Critters and Cravings" Thing?

Okay, let's start with cravings. We all know what THEY are. And, as much fun as it is to indulge them, I'd rather kill them, and that's what these recipes are designed to do. So how do you kill sugar (and carb) cravings? You guessed it: by avoiding sugar - which is why most of the recipes in this blog are sugar and gluten-free.

But what about "critters"? Well, those are the little buggers nobody wants to talk about - especially at dinner time. When I say critters, I'm referring to all kinds of things your body would do well to eliminate: not just literal critters (parasites) but yeast overgrowth (candida), and toxins. When the critters get out of control, your body does things you don't want it to - like gain weight, lose energy and develop skin problems, etc.

So okay; 'nuf said about critters. These recipes were designed to help your body get rid of - well, whatever it needs to get rid of - while keeping the good stuff , like your stunning beauty and vitality.

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