Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sugar is Heroin

Okay not REALLY, but...

Have you ever seen Oprah when she's doing one of her "favorite things" shows, and talking about her favorite cookie or cupcake? She's enraptured. You can almost see her pulse quicken. Now I LOVE Oprah, but her reaction to the very thought of sugar entering her body reminds me of Kate Moss on the cover of Vanity Fair.

I would like to challenge you you (and Oprah) to give up ALL FORMS OF sugar for 3 days. That's long enough to break the addiction. And then, notice how you feel (or DON'T feel) when you look at a cookie.

Trouble is, most people don't ever try to ELIMINATE sugar - they try to REDUCE it. That has never worked for me. ANY sugar sets up a craving for MORE sugar. But eliminate it totally and you're free, free, free! Hemp protein helps, and so do greens powders and peppermint tea.

Now, if someone would only tell Oprah...


  1. Now are we talking "processed" sugar or ALL sugar, like the natural sugars in it's natural state, like the fructose you get when you eat an apple or whatever?

  2. I try to avoid all sugars, even fruit juices, but I DO eat apples and pears. I find that even fruit juices can set up that old sugar craving. The less sugar I eat (in any form) the less I crave it, and the more control I then have over my food choices. I don't get that "famiished - I've gotta eat NOW" feeling. When I get that, I know I've eaten sugar in the past few hours.